We stay in home office

Dear Sirs,

Caring for employees and their health, ATC Cargo management have decided to arrange remote work to cover all operations in oncoming days. It means that starting from 13th of March all workers will take care of their responsibilities basing on home office.

We would like to ensure you that nothing changes in the way of your operational care and every procedures will be proceeded as usually.

Our employees stays available both on e-mails and telephones – please do not hesitate to contact if needed. We will make our best to maintain highest possible level of service for you.

In case of any additional questions, below presented contacts to heads of individual departments:


Marzena Jarocka-Leszek – Head of Import Department

Tel. +48 515 767 970


Borysław Kotasiński – Head of LCL Department

Tel. +48 661 606 062


Joanna Bielińska – Head of Special Projects Department

Tel. +48 512 017 316


Anna Dobrzyńska – Head of Customs Department

Tel. +48 797 595 531


Michał Kierśnikiewicz – Head of Sales Department

Tel. +48 512 017 210