Blank sailings and export possibilities in Poland, March 2020


We would like to summarize influence of hard economy situation in China on export possibilities from Poland in March.

Because of coronavirus carriers have made multiple changes in sailing schedules, which affect number of vessels arriving to Gdansk in oncoming weeks, consequently there are significant limitations regarding export possibilities.

Ocean Alliance have confirmed blank sailings and limitations accordingly to below list:

– W10 (Planned ETA Gdansk 09.03; ETD Gdansk 13.03) – cancelled
– W11 (Planned ETA Gdansk 17.03; ETD Gdansk 20.03) – cancelled
– W12 (Planned ETA Gdansk 24.03; ETD Gdansk 27.03) – space highly limited

2M, for day 11.03.2020, do not predict any changes for March.

Keep in mind and try to coordinate all of your operations with proper time buffer, which would let ATC maintain highest possible level of service.

Last but not least, Ocean Freight rates for March provided by carriers have rised significantly. According to our predictions tendency will not change and prices will be growing constantly in nearest future.

Of course we will always provide the best quotations available basing on our verified transport solutions to minimalize impact of this difficult period for your finances, however we suggest to proceed with further bookings as early as possible.

In case of any further updates of sailing schedules we will keep you informed.